It's always nice for me to hear that my clients are seeing the results that I say they can achieve. With a bit of hard work and effort everyone can see results and sometimes they come quicker than you think. Focusing on your exercise and nutrition to help you meet the goals that we set together.


Here are a few words from a few of my happy clients;

Corey Ross

"I like a challenging workout and boot camp is perfect for any fitness fan. Tim gears the exercises so they can work for you whatever your fitness level. He changes it up every couple of weeks so your muscles don't get used to doing the same thing. I saw great results - an improvement in my fitness, fat loss and toning. I was particularly pleased that my bum got smaller! And the class is really fun, despite the hard work."

James MW​

"Although I've known Tim most of my life i never worked out with him until i finished playing rugby.  From playing rugby for so long i carried bulk i didn't need for ''normal life'' so Tim wrote up a workout plan for me that took me from 18st 4lbs down to 15st 9lbs and turned the bulk into lean muscle through exercise and my diet and I'm happy with where I'm at now.  I've recently had months or having a bad back and Tim managed to keep me working out hard while protecting my back and also having epilepsy tailored my training to not affect that.  His bootcamp is great fun as Tim is a people person with huge charisma and he really works every person individually and training in a group is always more fun!"

Leah A.​

“Really fun first bootcamp - will be attending again!! :-)​


“Come on people it's the way forward!!!you want that hot body Tim will help you get it"​


“First ever bootcamp and it's a tough but great one . Tim worked us all at our own levels I think I survived ... Just .. Will see you on Saturday"

Vikki Hyler​

“Great bootcamp by Tim, he's a great motivator and works you to your ability and then makes you dig a bit deeper-sore today strong tomorrow"

Mari Waddon​

"Really great sessions. Tailored to fit each individual and everyone has the option to work at their own pace. Really enjoyable, communal exercise!"

Tracy Rimen

It hurts like hell. It's really good, can't wait to go again, different things each time to work all the body. ”​

Lou B​

“Excellent boot camp! Thank you for all the encouragement Tim. I will be fit..soon :)”​